Who we are:
DEVAR is an innovative technology company and a leading producer of augmented reality content in the fields of education and entertainment. We believe that the development of digital technologies and their integration into the world around should make our lives better, easier and more productive.

Our major directions are augmented reality books, toys and cartoons. We work with such big brands as Hasbro, Mattel, Rovio, Nickelodeon and bring worldwide famous characters to life in augmented reality. Our published products include AR coloring books, story books, activity books, learning books, encyclopedias, live posters, brainteasers and many more.

DEVAR develops educational products with augmented reality that revolutionize the way we learn about the world around us. Complex schematics become simple and easy-to-understand with visual and interactive 3D models. Our STEAM based cross-curricular approach helps promote critical thinking, problem solving and creativity, and it will help prepare today's digital generation students for jobs that do not exist; it can help promote deeper investigation of a topic and help students make connections between different subjects on their own.
Where we are located:
Today DEVAR is an international technology company specialising in the development and production of Augmented Reality content for publishing, education and entertainment. The company has branches in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
Our mission:

DEVAR was one of the first companies to embrace the book market and begin integrating AR with publishing, particularly in children’s books and licensed content.

Today our biggest challenge is to overturn the ‘traditional mindset’ and encourage innovation and more contemporary publishing, because  AR does not take away from publishing, it adds. It adds a new level of engagement, it adds educational elements and offers a higher degree of entertainment.  AR is not a digital add-on or solely a marketing element; it is integral and supports the book in its own right across every page.

Scaled AR assets reduce cost and increase speed to market, pre-approved licensed content also adds value at speed.  Innovation, adoption and mutual support are the cornerstones of success in an growing AR market.

AR now needs to be part of a business strategy, the market has never been so competitive; the consumer is key and when faced with a book with or without AR we know which choice they will make.

Augmented Reality has an incredible ability to create new worlds. It brings out positive emotions with children and adults alike. We believe that the development of digital technologies and their integration into the world around us will make our lives more productive. That is why we create our products with the ‘helpful reality’ concept in mind. It means that any object and space enhanced with Augmented Reality acquires a new functional use and improving and enhancing our life.

Our goal is to make lives of every tenth family on the planet in 200 countries better, easier and more convenient with the Helpful Reality by DEVAR.

How we work:

We now work with leading Licensors and Publishers in the pursuit of successfully bringing AR to the market, delivering a unique, and importantly, viable business solutions. The AR solutions we offer are bespoke, tailored and cost effective.

We can add Augmented Reality to any book with a multitude of animation mechanics including audio integration.

AR is not new, our goal is to reduce the cost and the barriers to entry by offering packaged scalable solutions.  AR awareness will reach new heights this year, support and spend by Apple, Google and Samsung will deliver much greater consumer awareness - we and our partners are in prime position (at the beginning of this growth curve) in delivering AR to the consumer.

This web-site is as easy-to-use as a general e-store, with a clear product range and a shopping cart - buying a license has never been that simple! Choose a distributional region and see what products are available there, put them into a cart, add custom design, make a payment, sign a contract and get your AR business started. For authorized partners we provide even an easier scheme of making a purchase.

Our results by now:

DEVAR entered the publishing market with our first Augmented Reality colouring book in 2015 aimed at children 3+.

The range of titles grew very quickly expanding to include encyclopedias, numeracy and literacy formats and storybooks.

At present, DEVAR has more than 100 titles published. In addition to its own range DEVAR is also a partner with leading global brand owners including Hasbro, Mattel and Nickelodeon.

We operate in 40 countries, and more than 4 million copies of our books have been sold!

Devar app:
Devar is educational augmented reality platform for kids ages 3-13. It's free and avaliable both for Ios and Android. It incudes over 300 interaction mechanics with AR objects and proprietory computer vision system, custom pages for publishers and partners, live characters and the brand new edutainment content. We release new updates every week to add new features and to ensure smooth user expirience for our customers.

Exclusive rights to create content for the most famous brands:
Devar has been chosen as the exclusive contractor for the high-quality AR-content by numerous famous brands: My Little Pony, Transformers, Hanazuki, Equestria Girls, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Angry Birds, Fixies, Kikoriki and the others. 

We create, promote and offer our products for the brands all over the world.

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