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AR Toys Will Let Kids Learn While Playing

November 01, 2018

With all the trends on child's early development, parents try to find the toys, which will be both effective and interesting for a child.

Today, the demand for products with a digital component is growing rapidly. Children want to hold a mobile device and play with it. How to make it so that from the game it becomes a learning process?

Being in tune with the times, DEVAR has developed a series of Educational Toys, which combine augmented reality games and education in one product.

Today, we are introducing toys that will revolutionize the market of educational products for kids.

AR Turners are infinite flipper cards, each of which has 4 different sides. Turners feature beautiful fairies that will help kids to learn mathematical operations and solve simple math problems in a visual and fun way.

This flashcard kit includes cards with numbers and cards with math characters that will help kids to learn to count in an exciting game. Place the cards to form a math problem and the results of the calculations will appear in augmented reality.

Live Animals flashcards feature different members of the animal kingdom coming alive right in front of you in augmented reality. See the most dangerous species without any real danger to yourself. You can even bring multiple cards to life at once and have a portable zoo that you can take with you wherever you go!

Fairy Princesses know many simple and delicious recipes and they will be glad to teach kids how to cook! This colorful flashcard kit features cute princesses coming alive on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Collect the necessary ingredients and try to cook in an augmented reality game, then try it with your parents in the real world.

Learn the alphabet like never before with ABC 2.0 flashcards! 26 funny animals are waiting to play with in augmented reality! Each letter has a voiceover with the narrator pronouncing the name of the letter and the name of the animal. Kids can control the characters by tapping anywhere on the screen, take photos and have fun!

Dinosaurs flashcards feature an exciting multiplayer game in augmented reality. Each card comes alive on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Kids can pick their favorite dinosaurs and fight with each other in a turn-based strategy game that develops tactical skills in the players.

The globe shows the climate patterns of different geographical regions in augmented reality, if connected to the Internet, it will show the actual weather in the certain region.

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