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AR Trend in Marketing & Retail

November 12, 2018

Augmented Reality has enormous potential to boost sales. According to Digi-capital research, 80% of AR/VR revenue by 2020 will become from sales, ads expenses, and mobile data/voice. And AR would take 75% of $120 billion markets, while VR stays on 25%.

A few benefits of Augmented Reality in retail:

  • Reduce product return rate — AR provides a higher chance that customers will make a purchase;
  • Interactive UX — user can interact with the content offline, change its characteristics (size, color, etc.), get more info about it, learn the prices in the nearest stores;
  • Break language barriers — Google translate AR mode allows users to see any text of 40 foreign languages as the native one;
  • Valuable sales tool — customers may virtually try on clothes, decorate a room.

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