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How future employees will be trained for new jobs?

May 28, 2018

New technologies arise very quickly and every person who plans to build a successful career in tech should be able to master them as fast as possible.

A 2016 Pew Research Center survey, “The State of American Jobs,” found that 87% of workers believe it will be essential for them to get training and develop new job skills throughout their work life in order to keep up with changes in the workplace. This survey noted that employment is much higher among jobs that require higher levels of analytical skills, such as critical thinking and computer skills.

Experts say that many new educational and skills-building programs will be created to meet new demands. Pew Research Center conducted a large-scale canvassing of technologists, scholars, practitioners, strategic thinkers and education leaders in the summer of 2016, asking them to weigh in on the likely future of employees' training. Most of these experts see a great potential in online learning platforms that accommodate to the needs of the educational sphere.  

Respondents see a new education and training ecosystem emerging in which some job preparation functions are performed by formal educational institutions in fairly traditional classroom settings, some elements are offered online, some are created by for-profit firms, some are free, some exploit augmented and virtual reality elements and gaming activities. A considerable number of respondents agreed that the best education programs will teach people how to be lifelong learners.

Many educators today are excited about the prospects of AR technology for enhancing learning in the next decade. They see a great potential in globally accessible applications that involve technology and provide various kinds of goods and activities.

While developing DEVAR platform, we aimed at creating an effective online training and educational system with a great potential. We are sure that applications that perfectly combine educational, entertaining and technological components in them, will soon become widely used. The tech-savvy population of today needs complex applications that provide not only games but also useful features for everyday life. Constant development of augmented reality technology allows us to provide our users with the best features and we are continuously upgrading our platform to keep it up to date. We provide seamless unified AR experience to our users and build a growing network of AR goods suppliers in one application. Moreover, DEVAR app users can create their own AR content and transform from spectators into creators.

Future Educational Trends Become Reality Today

Soon, the greater part of the educational process will be taking place online with user data stored in the cloud. Online education allows to save a great amount of money if compared to the high costs of offline education. Moreover, many of the adult learners are not able to visit physical campuses to study; it is easier and cost-effective for them to learn online. Three-dimensional augmented reality technology has a great possibility to enable highly sophisticated interactions and to engage students in online classes.

In DEVAR platform such features as AI, voice-response, AR, and gamification come together to create a personalized educational environment capable of accelerating learning across a broad range of fields.

Students, parents, educators, and industry have an interest in the better integration of computer science into the educational experience. The economic stability and national security depend on the population with solid computer science skills and coding literacy. As such, the future of education must focus on making computer science an integral part of every child's education to ensure that students of all genders and backgrounds have a chance to pursue these opportunities.

At DEVAR, we have developed a unique Educational Project that involves each educational stage and makes learning effective and visual.

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