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Benefits of Augmented Reality Applied to Publishing

October 15, 2018

Augmented Reality can meet a broad spectrum of goals linked to the promotion of value in the editorial domain. According to DEVAR’s experience, both publishers and customers benefit from AR applied to the printed goods. To name a few:

Marketing Goals

  • Increase the number of copies sold or the output of current volumes
  • Address the offer to new or larger users’ basins
  • Create new revenue streams from advertising
  • Improve readers’ loyalty with converging publishing products that are more in line with current trends and readers’ needs.

Functional Goals

  • Reduce cognitive overload on the reader
  • Increase quantity and types of information available in the same act of enjoyment
  • Increase the level of “presence” and engagement experienced by readers
  • Improve the performance of readers in learning and retaining information.
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