Feeler app

Feeler is an Augmented Reality app which contains many features like AR shopping store, game center and amazing messenger with AR features.

Feeler is a social augmented reality platform aimed at young people where users can communicate, send live stickers, play exciting games, take part in promo campaigns and go shopping without even leaving their home. Feeler is a blend of an everyday easy-to-use messenger with numerous useful functions and immersive technologies.

Challenges and solutions:

  • We saw that it was not enough to just provide users with another messenger app with augmented reality, it should contain more useful features. The one that inspired us was We Chat, a unified app that is widely used for chatting and payments. At the same time, we understood that Snapchat was entertaining due to AR, but lacked a lot of useful features. So, we have united all that users need today - the newest immersive technologies, the messenger, and the retail shop, that lets users try goods without leaving home.

  • Feeler is now designed for a smartphone, but we have created it having AR glasses and lenses of tomorrow in mind (such as Magic Leap or Apple AR glasses)  to flawlessly transport the software and provide Feeler users continuous comfort while using the app.

  • We take privacy and security very seriously. That’s why we use end-to-end encryption to protect your data, making sure that nobody will have access to contact information and conversations, including us.

The technologies used in the app:

  • Markerless AR

  • AR games

  • AR objects control

  • AR navigation 

The app components:

  • AR Stickers: users can share their emotions by sending each other funny augmented reality characters and stickers.

  • AR Chat: you can communicate with the one of your friends or with a group of people.

  • AR Games: in chats (group or private), users can play their favorite board games in AR (e.g. Jenga), being in different parts of the world!

  • AR Shopping: with Feeler, customers can see what the goods they want to buy will look like without visiting the shop.Scan any object using your smartphone’s camera and upload it to the marketplace where other users can check it out in augmented reality before they buy it. If you have a business of any size, AR will make it easier and will let your reach new audiences.

  • Geotagged AR Graffiti: Leave your mark on the world and discover messages left by other users with location based notes and 3D graffiti. The information you leave in  augmented reality will be visible to everybody in the area.

  • AR Pets: Get yourself a loyal augmented reality pet that stays with you wherever you go. Take care of it, raise it and buy cute outfits. Visit your friends and your pets will play together! Take photos, shoot videos and have fun!

  • AR Maps and Navigation: Find points of interests everywhere you go in the world. Feel at home in any city.

  • Share the weather: Send your warm ocean breeze and sunshine to a friend from a snowy gloomy place to make his or her world brighter. Our AR filters are designed to change environment around you to feel like your friend feels.

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